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Do you represent an online store?

If so, then we will be more than happy to feature your coupons right here on Happy Coupons UK!

We will set up a dedicated page for your store and list it in all relevant categories.

Affiliate Networks

The only requirement is that you operate an affiliate program, preferably through one of the following affiliate networks:

In-house Affiliate Programs

We also occasionally accept merchants who operate an in-house affiliate program. However, we encourage you to set up your affiliate program at the Share-A-Sale network instead. Share-A-Sale is one of the most cost effective affiliate networks with a setup fee of only $350. Plus your store will immediately be exposed to thousands of publishers. You won't regret it!

Submit Your Store

If your online store operates an affiliate program, feel free to fill out the form below and include any coupons and deals you would like us to feature.

If you do not yet have an affiliate program, please consider setting one up at Share-A-Sale. If you set up an account at Share-A-Sale through our website, please indicate this in the form below. We will sign up for your affiliate program and try to give you some additional exposure!

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