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About Us

Many online stores offer coupons, discounts and deals to attract new customers. Happy Coupons UK collects these coupons and deals in one convenient place to help people save money on their online purchases. We receive these codes directly from the merchants, their websites and newsletters. Many merchants supply us with exclusive coupon codes that offer bigger savings than you will be able to find anywhere else.

Some coupons give you a discount (dollar or percentage) on any order, but often a minimum purchase is required. When multiple coupons are offered, please use the one that will save you the most.

Many stores offer free shipping when a certain minimum purchase has been met, is which case entering a coupon code isn't necessary. However, Happy Coupons UK often has coupons that will give you free shipping on any order or a lower minimum purchase than advertised on the merchant's website.

There are also coupon codes that will get you a free gift with your purchase. Supplies are usually limited, so hurry if you are interested in the gift that is being offered.

When no coupon code is mentioned for a specific offer, the discount will usually be automatically applied to your order when you click on the link on our website.

We also occasionally list "Free Stuff". These offers include free downloads and games, free magazine subscriptions, trial subscriptions, free samples, free nutritional supplements, free cd's and more. You usually only have to pay for shipping. Please always read the "fine print" to make sure that there is no catch.

In addition to coupon codes we also list deals that we feel are worth checking out or links to popular categories on the merchant's website.

We always do our best to remove coupons as soon as they expire. If you come across a coupon code that doesn't work, please do not complain to the merchant. Instead, tell us about it so that we can remove the code.

Before you place your order, please always make sure that you will be receiving your discount, free shipping or gift.

Happy Shopping!
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